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The Benefits of Eggs In Your Dog’s Diet

Welcome to Improving Your Dog’s Diet. Our first topic of conversation is the benefit of eggs in your best 4-legged friends’ diet. When you consider the health benefit that eggs provide to your diet (in moderation, of course), it should come as no surprise that dried egg also benefits your dog’s diet. But how is this done? It wouldn’t be all that efficient to have to scramble eggs for Fido every morning.

Through modern technology and research, pet food companies are now able to add eggs to a dog’s diet through the addition of dried egg powder to their food products. During this process, egg protein isolate is added to dog food. This process makes for a product that is better for your dog. Here’s why:

Increased Immunity

The addition of dried eggs helps to support your dogs immune system. This is because eggs contain Immunoglobulin Y (IgY), which is a very useful protein that improves the immunity of your growing dog.

More Protein

Eggs are a great source of protein – for both you and your dog! Adding dried eggs to your dog’s diet will increase his energy level, help him grow, and help him to avoid health complications down the road.

Better Texture

Have you ever added eggs to your favorite hamburger recipe? Then you know how eggs help bind ingredients together. It’s no different for dog food. Egg binders can be used to improve texture in dog food, making the product more appealing to your pet.

The ability of food scientists to isolate different components of the egg has led the way towards higher-quality, more nutritional dog food. And that’s a big step forward for both the dog food industry and your best friend!